Designer Eyeglasses

The first eyeglasses were made in Italy in about 1286, with the earliest historical reference to magnification lenses dating back to 5th century by ancient Egyptians. In our days, eyeglasses have a dual purpose – on one hand they improve your vision, and on another, they serve as a fashion accessory that can enhance your looks.

Wearing eyeglasses truly is an art. Factors such as shape of your face, your vision correction needs, occupation, your taste in fashion and overall character need to be considered when selecting eyeglass frames. They frame your face, express your attitude, and help you feel better. If you want glasses to work for you, you need to know how to find the perfect pair.

At Versailles De Toro Optical stores, a highly trained staff of associates will be able to guide you through your selection process and help you find the style and color that would look the best on you. See and be seen at your best! Below are some of the brands we carry: